Indy journal: 1995

There were several outstanding events which made this a memorable year at the Speedway, including the failure of both Penske owned cars to qualify, the first time since 1962 that a member of the Unser family wasn’t in the race, the great improvement in the Honda engine, the return of Firestone tires, the near-fatal crash of Stan Fox at the start of the race, the strange self-imposed departure of Scott Goodyear from the race when he seemed to have it won, and the winner having to drive 505 miles to win the race.

Indy journal: 1993

The big events concerning this year’s race were the many changes made at the Speedway since last year’s race, the subsequent drop in speed, the retirement of two of the race’s four-time winners, the unexpected failure of another former winner to qualify for the race, and the outstanding performance of one of the most popular rookies in Speedway history. On the personal side, the first day of time trials was one of the finest I've ever had, and a mental mistake on my part almost cost us a chance to see the race.

1963 – An overlooked class of legends

(Header image courtesy of Ask anyone who considers themselves a historian of the Indianapolis 500 their opinion on the greatest rookie class in the history of the event and 90% of them will likely respond with the same answer. Almost universally, the rookie Class of 1965 is considered the greatest rookie class in the …

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