Welcome to May 2022!

The calendar officially flipped from April to May yesterday, but now that the Honda Grand Prix of Alabama is in the past, we can really turn our attention to the business at hand for the month and look forward to the next four weeks at 16th and Georgetown!!

This is the 13th Indianapolis 500 I will be blessed to cover in my years of working with Planet-IRL, MoreFrontWing, 16thandGeorgetown, and Fieldof33.com. In total, this will be my 34th Indianapolis 500 to attend in person (excluding the 2020 running, which in spite of Doug Boles proclamation, I do not consider myself having attended) since my first race in 1988. There isn’t a day on the calendar I look more forward to, and this year will carry even greater significance for me as I will be attending the 500 for the first time with my oldest son, Jackson.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indianapolis 500 have well over 100 years of history and stories to tell, and I look forward to sharing some of those stories with you this month. There will be plenty of time to focus on the events of the current period, but as I often do, I am truly excited to bring you some stories this month that look back on the rich history of the event and why so many men and women have literally been willing to give their lives to be part of the glory of this race. I’ll share some stories you may already know, continue to dig into how my family came to have a love affair with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, hopefully share an in-depth portrait of one of my state’s greatest Indianapolis 500 drivers, and help you understand how the glorious past can and should help shape the exciting future of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. If the stars align, I might even have a book review or two of some of the all-time classic Indianapolis 500 related books that every fan should have on their shelves.

Unlike my good friend George Phillips over at Oilpressure.com, I cannot promise that I’ll get a post up here every single day during the month. I’m shooting for at least three to four posts per week, but my life tachometer is currently pegged in the red so I’ll ask for a bit of leniency if I’m a bit delayed in my posts. In the meantime, I would love for you to share some of your favorite aspects of the Indianapolis 500, whether those are family traditions you’ve continued for many years, a particularly memorable portion of a recent or historic race, a highlight of the overall Month of May. Anything you can think of that you look back upon fondly, let me hear about it. I would love to collect some of your greatest memories of previous Indianapolis 500s and share them with the readers later in the month. Please reach out to me on Twitter (@fieldof33_blog) or email me (paul@fieldof33.com) to share.

I am really looking forward to sharing another Month of May with all of you here at Fieldof33.com. I know so many of us set our calendars to revolve around Race Day at Indianapolis, and this year we have one of the longest possible months at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway because the race is so late. I plan to take full advantage and enjoy every single day. I’m sure you will too. Thanks again for all your support here over the years and let’s get down to business!!

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