Older, but no more the wise

After another long off season, it is finally almost time to kick off the 2023 NTT IndyCar Series season! It seems like an eternity ago since Will Power put the period on his second series championship last September at Laguna Seca and even longer since I’ve been able to carve out a little time to dust off the old blog. However, by this time next week we’ll be one-seventeenth of the way through the season, and we’ll know who is ready to start fast out of the gate this year.

To get a jump start on the season, my good friend George Phillips of Oilpressure.com and I sat down for another edition of Two Sites Unite. For those who are unfamiliar, Two Sites Unite is our recurring video series that we record completely unrehearsed, uncut, and unedited. We have no agenda and no discussions beforehand about where the conversion will go. We also have no concept of time as we also say we’ll wrap it up around 20-25 minutes and inevitably go at least 45 minutes. Such was the case this week as we ramble on for what some might say is an excruciating 55 minutes.

Since it had been quite a long time since we last joined forces (last May to be exact), George and I reminisced about last year’s Indianapolis 500 for a bit, which, of course, sent us two 500 history nerds down the proverbial rabbit hole. It took a little while to get back to the modern day and previewing the upcoming new IndyCar season, but we eventually get there. We, of course, cover the usual pre-season topics of who will be strong throughout the season, who we think may struggle, who may surprise us, and how drivers in new locations will fare in their new rides. Obviously whatever we suggest in our picks this year will likely be the exact opposite of what actually happens, but what would a season preview be without sticking our necks out a bit?

Thanks again for checking with me here at Field of 33! I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of the site and pushing out new content throughout the 2023 season. Here’s to a great, exciting, and safe IndyCar season!!

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