May 2023 – Let’s get this party started!

After a bit of a delay because #reallife, it’s time to really start turning my attention to the festivities about to unfold on the hallowed corner of 16th & Georgetown in Speedway, Indiana!! For the 107th time, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will come to life for the glorious Month of May, and it’s all about to start.

Though I reserve the right to add to or edit my expected posting schedule here at, my hope is to post several more articles in the lead-up to the big race coming up in just over two weeks. I look forward to posting a few more of my dad’s Historic Indianapolis 500 journals (in addition to the 1991 journal posted yesterday), a review of a few IndyCar and Indianapolis 500 classic books that I’ve recently digested, and a tribute to my late dad who passed away last fall, along with weekend previews and several live-blogs from both GMR Grand Prix and Armed Forces Qualifying weekend.

But before the NTT IndyCar Series gives its undivided attention to the Indianapolis 500, there is first the matter of the GMR Grand Prix this coming Saturday. Though it is, for all intents and purposes, the warm-up act for the month, it is still a full-fledged IndyCar race paying full points and trophies, not to mention some amount of prestige for winning a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

To start off this month’s post, we’ll dive right in with the latest episode of Two Sites Unite, the periodic video series that George Phillips and I occasionally put out when we feel that some good bench racing is justified. As you would expect, we spent the vast bulk of this episode previewing the Month of May, with probably way more focus on the second of the two races this month than we should have. Nonetheless, we do discuss our overall thoughts and opinions on the GMR Grand Prix and go on the record as to whom we think will emerge victorious. (Spoiler alert: we agree on the team but not the driver. Spoiler alert #2: we DO agree on our pick for the 500!) We also touch upon a newly discovered favorite eatery of George’s (though it is by no means news) and continue our terrible records of diverging off on tangent after tangent.

We hope you enjoy a couple old guys talking about their favorite subject. Let us know what you think! George and I will be back in a couple weeks to put a bow on Armed Forces Qualifying Weekend and do a deep dive preview for the 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500. We look forward to you joining us again then!

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