Centennial Interview Series: Danny Sullivan

Note from Paul: The Centennial Interview Series was a series of interviews released by More Front Wing in May 2011 highlighting 20 of 27 then-living former Indianapolis 500 winners. I am extremely proud of this series and pleased to be able to share them here at the Field of 33.

The next driver to be featured in More Front Wing’s Centennial Interview Series is the winner of the 1985 Indianapolis 500, Danny Sullivan. After updating us on what’s been keeping him busy since his retirement, Danny reviewed his career at Indianapolis, including his rookie year in 1982 and his spectacular spin-to-win in 1985. He shared his memories of what it was like to drive for Roger Penske at the Speedway, and he also discussed the many great teammates he’s worked with and what effect that internal team competition has on a top-level driver. Danny was forthcoming with his thoughts on bringing the apron back to IMS, and he talked about the mental impact of “the one that got away” while reviewing his favorite memories and greatest disappointments. Finally, Danny shared with us what being a champion of the Indianapolis 500 means to him.

To listen, use the player below, or search for “Field of 33” on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

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