Centennial Interview Series: Tom Sneva

Note from Paul: The Centennial Interview Series was a series of interviews released by More Front Wing in May 2011 highlighting 20 of 27 then-living former Indianapolis 500 winners. I am extremely proud of this series and pleased to be able to share them here at the Field of 33.

Up next in our Centennial Interview Series is our chat with The Gas Man, Tom Sneva. After updating us on the status of the World’s Fastest Golf Cart, Tom took us through his career at Indianapolis from his rookie year in 1974 to his final run in 1992, including his winning year in 1983. Tom was very candid with his thoughts on his record for having the most wall contact at the Speedway and on his relationships with Roger Penske, George Bignotti, AJ Foyt, and others around the paddock. Tom’s controversial views on slowing the cars down and the need for a drivers’ association make this interview a very interesting reflection on his time at IMS.

To listen, use the player below, or search for “Field of 33” on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

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