Centennial Interview Series: Mario Andretti

Note from Paul: The Centennial Interview Series was a series of interviews released by More Front Wing in May 2011 highlighting 20 of 27 then-living former Indianapolis 500 winners. I am extremely proud of this series and pleased to be able to share them here at the Field of 33.

There’s a group of people with whom Indianapolis is such a storied topic that it’s difficult to know where to start discussing it. Mario Andretti unquestionably falls into this category. Mario sat down with us to review his long and illustrious career at Indianapolis, from his rookie year in 1965 right through to his spectacular crash in testing in 2003. He talked about his memories of Andy Granatelli and his thoughts on how the Speedway has evolved throughout the course of his time there. He also discussed his greatest competitors at Indy and particularly his rivalry with AJ Foyt. The Andretti name has become synonymous with Indianapolis, and Mario shared what the Speedway has come to mean to him and to his family. Finally, he responded to critics who claim that he raced for too long before telling us what being a champion of the Indianapolis 500 means to him.

To listen, use the player below, or search for “Field of 33” on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

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